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Sarah Waters discusses readers’ responses to The Little Stranger

Sarah Waters wrote a piece in The Guardian on Saturday August 7th discussing the reaction to her latest novel. She had this to say on the response to The Little Stranger:

'No other novel of mine has inspired such a range of responses in its audience, and that's been a fascinating experience.'

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One Response to “Sarah Waters discusses readers’ responses to The Little Stranger”

MaryLyn Hope says:
February 23, 2011 at 11:06 pm

The Little Stranger came with me on my last holiday and I carried the book everywhere with me, any spare moment was occupied with the story. I loved it. I recommended it to friends and after getting their feedback on who or what was responsible for the events that unfolded, I read it again and loved it even more. I will recommend this book but will not lend out my copy to anyone. Its too precious. Thank you Ms. Waters.


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